Avaris is the fictional setting for all following works.


Originally, each race had their own area and cities that they lived within. However, ever since the central empire was set up, you can mostly find any race at any corner of the world, though of course races tend to stick closer to their ancestral homes more often than not.

The empire is divided into 8 citadels and the central power. The citadels more or less function as independent nations but answer to the central power. In many cases, the ancestral capitals of the various races that populate Avaris were chosen to be the cities where the Citadels were constructed. Traditionally this was so that each race would pay tribute to the central kingdom, but this concept slowly went away with time as all races in Avaris seamlessly integrated themselves into society all over.

In modern times, the main source of unrest comes from the feeling of wanting to separate from the central kingdom, especially when given orders that are contrary to their own best interests. It would be incorrect to say that civil war might break out at any time. In fact, there has been a silent, cold, civil war that has been raging for many years between the empire and the separatists.


As mentioned above, the empire is divided into 9 areas, the central power and the 8 citadels. A brief description of the various citadels is given below.

Southwind was the first citadel ever constructed, originally built as a symbol of extending human power into the continent of Avaris. That being said, Southwind is a fine choice for a stronghold due to it's incredibly strong strategic position. Southwind also happens to be one of the many functioning ports of the empire. The only weakness Southwind has is that it's not that difficult to trap people within the citadel, if a siege was ever to occur. However, due to the many advantages Southwind provides, the central empire is very careful about protecting Southwind.

Winterstorm is the northernmost citadel of the empire. Known for it's harsh winters and nigh impenetrable fortress, it is the last citadel constructed by the empire. Originally, the empire was happy with only having 7 citadels to individually govern the various locations of the continent, but due to needing to quell a revolution in the North, the empire decided to set up a citadel in Winterstorm to prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again. Arguably, it worked really well. Winterstorm is considered one of the strongest allies to the central empire, at least to the general public.

Felandur is the ancestral home of the Elves. The first citadel constructed after the war, it was built following the peace treaty with the Elves. In this treaty, Elves were promised plenty of power in the consolidated empire. Indeed, to this day, Elves hold many high positions in the empire. The empire is careful to have good relations with the Elves, since they tend to be the ones most inclined towards magic. It would do the empire no good to have an entire legion of magic users turn against them. Felandur is found on the banks of a river too, and has a fairly large population as it is considered one of the best places to live in.

Krakus is the ancestral home of the Dwarves. The Dwarves joined the empire after surrendering to the Elves at the conclusion of their drawn out conflict. Krakus is not within the mountain itself, like most Dwarf dwellings, but it is impossible to reach Krakus without going through the mountains, unless you could fly. This makes Krakus one of the safest cities in the entire continent in the event of a conflict. Due to the remoteness of the city, and how difficult it is to be connected with the rest of the world, fewer people tend to live there. It still manages to be fairly populated due to the number of ancient texts and architecture found in the vicinity, making it a hot destination for scholars.

Dulkrag is the ancestral home of the Goblins. Perhaps the citadel which has the warmest climate of all, Dulkrag is nevertheless a booming city. Despite the Goblins allying with humans fairly early in the war, this citadel was constructed much later. Dulkrag has special importance because it is connected to more citadels by direct route than any other. For this reason, when travelling between many citadels, people invariably stop at Dulkrag on the way. Therefore, in addition to its native population, Dulkrag tends to house many travellers.

Glinss is the ancestral home of the Faeries. This was the last of the original 7 citadels constructed by the empire (before Winterstorm). A large factor of this was due to a large portion of the world being generally unaware of the existence of Faeries. Of course, Glinss is tucked away in a corner of the world, far away from most of civilization. This attitude, funnily enough, persists to this day. A shockingly large number of people are unaware of Faeries. One factor might be that Faeries tend to not stray too far away from their ancestral home. Of course, a fair number of Faeries reside in almost every citadel. Glinss is quite sparsely populated, when compared to other citadels.

Pereshka is an ancient city found between the Elf and Dwarf kingdoms. Traditionally, this city was the source of many conflicts between them. Found approximately halfway between Felandur and Krakus, this city is also found on the banks of a river and holds a very strategic position in the event of a conflict. When the empire was set up, this city was converted into a citadel, and it's remained as such ever since. Elves and Dwarves make up a large portion of this city's population.

The Crimson Citadel, found in the city of Herond is the last citadel of the empire. The only citadel named differently to the city it is, due to an event of massive bloodshed many years ago. This citadel was the first one captured by the separatists during a conflict with the empire. Unfortunately for them, they were sold out and betrayed, resulting in every single person within the citadel being slaughtered. It was said that the floors and walls lost their original colour due to the amount of blood shed in its halls. It's been known as the Crimson Citadel ever since.