This page keeps track of the various story arcs that are meant to be followed. They come in the form of major and minor arcs. Major arcs represent significant portions of the story, with multiple events that change the course of history. Minor arcs are present a lot less, and have a lot more variance when it comes to worldly importance. However, minor arcs sometimes join up with a major story arc.

Dronmund and the Paleshift Scheme (Major)

The most important arc at the beginning, this follows the story of Dronmund escaping from the burning citadel of Southwind and stumbling onto the enigmatic island of Shekara. A chance meeting with Velkor pulls Dronmund neck deep into the politics and schemes of the Paleshift order, directly against the supreme council with consequences for the entire continent.

The Supreme Council's Mission (Major)

Terrified of their crumbling power, Furalmer organizes an emergency session in a desperate attempt to rebuild and establish authority over magic users. To this end, Calinta, Ilithyn, Emeuro and Mercer are sent on a highly secretive mission into Shekara to ensure power is stabilized. Once there, they discover Zitasu and the city of Shekara have long since withdrawn support for the Empire, requiring a change of plan while stranded on the cursed island.

Aera's Investigations (Minor)

Obsessed with discovering the secret of acquiring more power, Aera visits the Paleshift society to uncover secrets behind the original war that tore the continent apart. After hearing about power Athantor supposedly had, Aera decides to travel to Karkus to track down his last steps and discover the secret behind his death.

Ovik's Rebellion (Minor)

Sensing the empire is weakening their hold on the continent, Ovik decides that the time is ripe for a rebellion to strike at the heart of the empire and splinter the seat of power. However, differing ideals within the rebellion threatens to end it before it even begins.

Vismaal and the Djinn (Minor)

Mostly to provide a backdrop for the Djinn culture, a smaller arc follows Vismaal along with some interactions with other characters of note.

Secrets within the Capital (Minor)

Following the departure of multiple council members, Furalmer struggles to keep the empire from falling apart and guard all the skeletons inside the closet, while Felwana tries to expose the empire's shady past.