The Arcane Order was a secret society of Mages founded on the brink of the collapsing empire. The aim of this society was to steer the empire after its collapse in the right direction, such that mages were not left behind. The society members believe that mages are superior to other beings, and thus needed to have a much larger say in the governing of the world.

The society comprised of 8 of the most powerful mages in the known world, with the exceptions of Calinta and Ilithyn, who served on the Ruling Council.


Elora, a human sorceress

Ambitious, powerful and ruthless, Elora is a powerful sorceress residing in the capital. She makes her disdain for Furalmer and the Empire itself no secret. She was the appointed mage advisor to Anrath (Furalmer's predecessor). Her disgust for the empire magnified when Furalmer turned to the religious sects for support to aid in keeping the crumbling empire from falling apart.

Sylvar, an elven sorcerer

Ancient and wise, Sylvar is an ancient and powerful Elven sorcerer residing in Felandur. While not the master of the citadel in name, in practice nothing Sylvar opposes will get done in the city. Nobody holds the belief that mages are superior to everybody else more strongly than Sylvar does.

Emeuro, an elven wizard

Emeuro is the first person any aspiring mage goes to for assistance in learning the magic arts. She has, in some way, shaped the magical education of almost every mage alive today, with the exception of her contemporaries. Emeuro usually detests politics and stays out of it, but strongly believes in the necessity to preserve magic from falling apart.

Aera, a faerie sorceress

Impulsive, spoiled and incredibly powerful, Aera is considered by many to be the most powerful mage in current times. She is from the richest family in Glinss and generally likes living in comfort. Incredibly protective of animals, she once roasted an entire village alive for engaging in horse fighting, which prompted her dismissal from her post of Mage adviser. She decides to accept the invitation to the arcane order due to her ties and friendships with other mages.

Ephendar, a human arcanist

The rare arcanist of modern times, Ephendar is incredibly well-read and measured in his decisions. Ephendar actually once served on the ruling council, along with Anrath for a short while, before choosing to leave in order to further study magic. He accepts the invitation due to his concern for the crumbling empire, and believing this to be the best chance for survival.

Linawin, a faerie wizard

The youngest mage in the order, Linawin is naive compared to the other mages in the order. One of the rare faeries who live well outside Glinss and lives in Winterstorm. While not a forceful person, she believes in accepting the invitation, she will be able to serve the greater good.

Elisen, an elven sorceress

While previously a supporter of the separatist movement, she since returned to Felandur. While usually her incredibly selfish motivations, she will do anything for follow mages. Obviously, not being a fan of the empire, Elisen was happy to join the arcane order to discuss the future of the world.

Auron, a human wizard

Proud and haughty on the surface, Auron descends from an incredibly wealthy line of nobles. He currently resides in Pereshka, owning a large estate. Auron desires power, no matter the cost. However, he is also generous with his resources, giving them away freely when he feels it is necessary. Though he is considered to be weaker than the others in the arcane order, his vast network of resources more than make up for it.